Happy Thanksgiving To TAP Readers Everywhere!!!

I have great hope that you will all enjoy the remaining days of 2012 (which have slipped by so amazingly fast).  As well, I wish that you will have all of the promises of the upcoming year of 2013, which, like this year, will move on fast rails.  It’s a part of life.  Maybe the days really ARE that fast, and we spend far too much time paying attention to the hours that “mark” our ‘time-space’.  Instead, perhaps we should pay less attention to the actual time and just view our existence as one large span of life.  It’s a good pledge for the upcoming year.

In the meantime, I’m thankful for the readers of TAP, who take time out of their ‘time-space’ (see, I’m working toward that suggested concept already), and read a bit of my awful ramblings, take part in a robust community of fans, and to learn a little about meaningful new releases.  Every once in a while, I mean to give you a lead-in to an exciting new band.

I also would love to thank you for the opportunities to learn new behaviors in my life.  For example, I have decided to revisit those bands that I’ve paid little attention to (or none at all) back in my younger years.  God knows that there were a wealth of music, much of which was impossible for me to have heard everything, much less collect album releases (and other collectibles).  For decades, it was was need to keep fresh that made me concentrate heavily on new bands.  Eventually, I found, that while some of them are extraordinary, there are more bands from the past with far more satisfaction than many newer bands could award me with.

As such, I have begun to heavily split my time toward finding and reuniting with earlier bands and artists.  Re-collecting LPs have become a new passion of mine; my goal to regain as much of my old collection as I possibly can.

I’m thankful that you have bestowed a trust on me to make me a part of your routine.

I’m thankful that you enjoy meaningful lives away from TAP with families, jobs, and music (and books, and film too)!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  I will be back after the holiday!

Oh yeah, that Dan Fogelberg Netherlands cover shot?  It’s what I’m listening to quite heavily at the moment. i’ve always been a fan and find this album to be his pinnacle of perfection.  If you’re so inclined, and you are a Fogelberg fan, which of his albums is the best of his career?

Night, all!