80s Bands I’ve Never Heard Of

The 80s were incredibly rich in bands.

In a time where independent labels were gaining a foothold into the tightened world of the big labels, uncountable bands were making inroads to some kind of popularity.  Many became big hits, but many more achieved only a kind of cult importance.  IF some were lucky, they had a hit however minor it was.  But even a minor hit was enough to catch the ear of a decided group of fans that would follow and collect everything those bands created.

The ’80s were era to not only the various – but RICH, styles of new wave, rock, and pop, but it also was an incubator for the so-called hair metal bands, of which there are many.

Throwing some names out there like The Church, Half-Church, Lene Lovich, BoDeans, Bauhaus, and Contraband (just to name a few, very few examples).

And, quite frankly, this weak and short piece does absolutely ZERO justice to the subject that I’m trying to lay out here.  However, it’s not a piece on the history of the ’80s that I’m trying to compile here.  No, I’m merely trying to bring some interesting remembrances to the community at large here, and to be brought to mind again – or surprised by – band that I have merely heard of or never heard of before.

So, let’s give this one over to you folks.  In short, give us lists of the ’80s bands that I’ve – or many of us – may never have heard of.

Your turn.

(I’m quite sorry for the brevity of this post.  Actually, I could have written something quite fun to read.  Maybe in the near future.)