Yes, Rush, SACDs, Audio Fidelity…It’s All Great News

Apologies, especially to all those who HAVEN’T heard this great news yet.  I did know about this Friday, but was traveling and so was unable to post an announcement.  But, if you don’t know yet, and the above title makes you take extreme notice, then read on.

The first, and certainly impressive and newsworthy statement, is that Audio Fidelity, a label owned by the great Marshall Blonstein (Ode Records, DCC, Island Records) have decided that a return to the niche market of SACD is the right idea in a good time.  (We think so too!)

With their signature packaging applied, they have reached deep into the great titles vault, and emerged with two that will catch your attention.  I’m especially excited about one of the titles.

With actual releases dates not yet known, Audio Fidelity will be releasing the coveted reissue of Close To The Edge by YES, as well as Counterparts by Rush.

Yes, this is surely a great time.  I have waited an exceptionally long time since the long ago announcement that the title would be released on DVD-Audio (like other ill-fated announcements – 5D by Byrds, Rocks by Aerosmith, and others).  But now…

Get ready!