The Collectibles

Rock music has had it’s share of collectibles.  But in no part of its long history have the collectibles been more freely distributed than in the late ’70s and early ’80s.  By then, Rock and Roll had fallen into the hands of independents who were unafraid of releasing a ton of extra material including non-LP singles and B-sides.

Of course, that period also provided cassette-only music, as well as a horde of limited colored vinyl in LP, EP, and 7″ single.  Many bands also delivered singles before they were famous in very limited quantities.  Soon enough, those singles were highly sought after even if they were re-released on newer albums.

Absolutely, this is one of the cool things that I loved about that period.  Even more mainstream label releases included collectible 7″ EPs inside of first pressing LPs.

The list is vast.  One of my more prized pick-ups was a VERY limited, pre-IRS illegal records issue of  “Disgracing The Family Name” b/w “”The Work Song” from that period’s most interesting entertainer, Skafish.  But there are more, many more.

What were your favorite collected rarities?  From any period.