Opinion: Doom and Gloom, New Rolling Stones Track

I’m always all about the Stones.  But in the last ten years, I’ve realized their best song-writing years may be far, far behind the Glimmer Twins.  Today, The Stones released one of their two new tracks (likely to fish out commentary on whether it’s worth more studio time…or not.

Well, I’ve listened to it and I have to say, I’m vastly underwhelmed.  It comes off like a track written on the fly because well, “we have a ‘best of’ in the works’ and it could use the heft.

Honestly, guys, you could just leave well enough alone, or put some quality time into it like The Cars did with their last (and recently released) effort after several decades.  Even Stevie Nicks put out a memorable album, as did the most recent Little Feat album.

The short take is that I don’t like the song.  I may never like the song.  But here it is for you to decide if it was worth the studio time that it took to record it.