On Super Deluxe Editions

After yesterday’s post on the UK reissue of The Slider (which I’m totally salivating for), I began to wonder about the mechanism in place for what becomes a grandiose Anniversary set, and which do not.  After I completed said contemplation, I merely became depressed realizing that most of my wish list would never see the light of day as a definitive 40th Anniversary packaged Box, worthy of a picked spot on my shelf.

Since 40th Anniversary sets and the ubiquitous Super Deluxe Editions are beginning to become popular (for those that tolerate such expansive – and pricey – indulgences), it is only right that I hope for more of my favorites to be given such attention.

And while we wait, and perhaps despair, I thought it might be fun to peruse some unused corners of our minds to decide which titles are coming up on their 40th Anniversary (or greater, or lesser), that we would love to see as upgraded Super Deluxe Editions, you know, the whole works, vinyl, books, CDs, DVDs, and all.

For me, I was rather disappointed to NOT see No Secrets from Carly Simon given the upgraded 40th Anniversary love.  There are other disappointments as well.  Coming up would be Close To The Edge by YES, which I still want to see in a high resolution sound.  And yes, we know that the DVD-Audio of that album was completed.  And we never got it.

Still, Close To The Edge is one that I would love to see given the wild, way-out Super Deluxe Edition treatment.  How about School’s Out by Alice Cooper?  I need a bit to gather up a list.  While I do that, how about you?  Have a title or ten that would knock you to the floor with an announced Super Deluxe Edition?