Days of Punk

I’m often engaged in lively debate about music.  Over the last few days, someone I know wondered about my views on Punk music.   Well,  as we all know,  that’s asking a lot about a particular type of music respected by many.   In addition, punk music has several offshoot styles that further flavor its sound.

I will openly admit that I don’t know as many Punk bands as I should as my love for it is measured in variable ways.  I could argue that Sex Pistols were the greatest in their raw field.  But that’s the obvious choice.  Some have great love for The Ramones,  a band that I gave up to Pop/Punk after the second album.  Love them but not much after the second.

This,  of course,  makes me curious.   As readers, Which Punk bands are your favorites?  Is it hard core, Pop, or ‘mix and match’ Punk that catches your fancy?  And, since we’re here, an important album by a Punk band.