Search For Lasting Music

Often, we find our thoughts directed towards music of our past. Nothing wrong with that! But times have changed so dramatically. There’s no longer decent Top40 radios, the singles market is excruciatingly crowded, and there is no longevity for bands anymore. The discovery-directed FM stations of our past are no longer the norm. Play lists on most classic stations will destroy your sanity after you have heard a song – any song- three or more times in an eight-hour period, then AGAIN the very next day.

There is no band who has half a hope of being discovered among the three thousand new releases just pushed into the queue at (dare I say it?) iTunes. Record stores have been destroyed by the uncaring strengths of big box stores (Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, etc) only to find their own decimation.

The Big 4 labels are soon to become the Big 3. Independent labels are only able to attract a small group of adherents.

Worse, most new musicians have grown up on a steady diet of 10 guitar chords, basic pounding on the drums, and little else but a rudimentary grasp of rock and roll from the last 20 years. That means little cross- genre influence has crept into new Rock and Roll with little skill sets to innovate and create healthy hybrids of awesomeness.

Now that I’ve depressed the hell out of you, it does serve well to note that there are great bands out there regardless of their being very difficult to locate. So let’s take the weekend to help each other out and zero in on those bands that each of us have discovered but the rest of us may not have.

I’ll start with one you all have heard me go on and on about, Heartless Bastards, out of Texas. I also have a love for The Black Angels, also from Texas (Austin), and Canada excellent Black Mountain. I have others but the rest of us really want to hear new bands the rest of you are privy to.

Please, hit the comments and bring enlightenment to what has been an otherwise dull Site this past month.