Steven Wilson-Fueled Wishes

Steven Wilson has literally turned the market of remastering/remixing into a revelatory art form.  His last,  Jethro Tull song exquisite Aqualung, changed the rules of the game.   As of right now,  every Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan is chomping at the bit for the first two catalog long players that Wilson had a hand in.  Those two will be soon be followed by more ELP greatness, up through Welcome Back My Friends…   I myself anxiously await the new life that will be given to Trilogy.

But known productions often give way to wish lists.   It’s only natural that we would like to hear what the brilliance of the “new kid”  could unearth on albums we already revere.   It doesn’t hurt that Wilson’s forte is Programmed music.   And so,  I would turn all giggly if I ever read that Wilson would be tackling the YES catalog, especially Close To The Edge.  To hear what might surface from his work, even to just hear it in remixed clarity would thrill me (and others).

Why stop there?  What could he do for Wishbone Ash?  Others?  Actually, yes, I want to hear lots of my favorite music reassembled by his skillful hands (and ears).   While we’re here,  let’s compile a cool wish list for him to get to work on.

Hit the comments (before the hacker(s) do) and tell me what albums would come to life under Steven Wilson’s magic.