Don’t TOUCH This Song!

Songs get covered all of the time.  In fact, many of them can even sound much, much better than the original (subject of upcoming post).  We’ve heard them all, and fell in love with some of them.  But, you know, there are some that just simply should not be touched for every reason in the book.  And why?  Well…honestly, who can do “Stairway To Heaven” (and I don’t even like that song…at all).  But who can do it better?  I’m pretty sure it’s no one.  Now, I LOVE “Black Dog” and “Rock and Roll”.  But still, no one can do them, nor should be allowed to look silly enough trying.

I have a list of such songs that belong in the realm of the original artist.  Lots of Springsteen songs should never be touched including “Born To Run”, “I’m On Fire”, and “Adam Raised A Cain”.  Similarly, who can possibly do justice to Don McLean’s “American Pie”?  The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?  “Wishbone Ash’s “Ballad of the Beacon”?

There are easily hundreds, perhaps thousands, more.

Let’s hear your songs that should never be touched!