A Question

Many of you have gotten older since you first began to listen to Rock and Roll way back when (ever).  Not only has the music changed since the early days, the way that we listen to it has changed.

From LPs and 45s, to transportable 8-tracks, and cassettes, the heralded (and reviled) Compact Disc, and finally (for now) in the widely varied digital format, distribution methods have come and gone (and, in the case of LP, resurged in popularity).

Yeah, all of these things are natural and expected, if not exactly appreciated.  But I do have an interesting question to pose, particularly to the older readers: how drastically have your listening changed from vinyl to now?

We all do utilize most features of digital music.  Of that there is little doubt that we all haven’t been impacted by the light-weight portability of the format.  At one time, most of you were sit-down listeners of LPs, both sides, start to finish.  Even in 8-track and cassettes, there was usually start to finish listening.  As a result, we invested in bands because we spent quite a bit of time with them.

This is a subject that we have discussed many time.  But this time, I’m more interested in the readers and their predominant form of listening to music.  So, if you don’t mind, hit the comments section and tell TAP how you primarily listen to your music these days.  If digital, do you still apply quite a bit of time to the entire album?  Do you create a playlist of favored tracks?

I’ll start it off:

I consistently use CDs but LPs (as my library grows again) is creeping up near the 50% mark.  I use YouTube to listen to bands that are new to me.  Once I discover that I liked them, I buy their albums, and listen to the whole thing.  In doing so, I hope to find cohesion and longevity.  I don’t often find it but I try.