Poll: Which Album Is Best? – Frank Zappa

Over a short period, speculation has run rampant on the reissue status of Frank Zappa’s catalog.  Once unofficially announced, then silently retracted, then announced yet again, many have weighed in on their own thoughts of whether or not The Zappa Trust will do right by the new re-releases.

Obviously, that’s something only time will reveal.  But anything by Frank Zappa is always welcomed, if you’re a fan.

While we’re waiting, it’s a great time for us to say what our favorite Frank Zappa favorites are.  For me, and I have many Zappa loves, it has to be Zoot Allures.

I can’t explain it, but that album just seems to hit the right combination of Zappa craziness, and Zappa musical goodness for me.  Now, when I think Zappa, the Zoot Allures album pops into my head, songs, cover, and all.

There is the single-intended “Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station”, the wonderful nine-plus minutes of jazzy horror tune, “The Torture Never Stops”,  the notable “Black Napkins”, and “Find Her Finer”.  Then of course there’s the remaining tracks that does not disappoint (“Disco Boy”, :”Wonderful Wino”, “Friendly Little Finger”, “Ms Pinky”, and the title track, “Zoot Allures”).

I’d sure be interested in your choices.  Hit the comments.