Where Are All Of Our Heroes?

We have talked at considerable length about our love and respect for both male and female performers/singers/songwriters.  For many years these talents have filled us with songs, thrilling performances, and flashy showmanship.

The years prior to the New Millennium gave us much.  But since then the wealth of memorable and enduring talent seems to have disappeared.  Has it?

With the proliferation of recorded music, much of it without gatekeeper labels, (who aren’t very good gatekeepers anymore), we are literally overrun with musicians that we will never hear.

I’m not talking about Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, or Lady GaGa.  Nor am I talking about Kanye West, Cee Lo Green, or Li’l Wayne.

And yes, there are marginal talents (marginal because their audience is still limited, not because of any talent scaling downward).  Talents like Florence Welch , Casey Dienel of White Hinterland, and Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards can capture imagination. 

The big question here is will any one of them, or countless others ever gain the stature of a Joni Mitchell, a Joan Baez, a Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gate?  Will any of the New Millennium singers replicate the respect of a Bruce Springsteen?  A Bob Dylan?  Will a Carly Simon-like talent ever emerge again?

I’m not so sure anymore.

Your thoughts?

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