Poll: Which Wishbone Ash Album Is Best?

I’ve been listening to the recently released Live Dates II featuring Wishbone Ash.  It’s been quite a while since this title has been available in its complete state.  In fact, the full set was available only in the UK and as a limited edition, after which, it became a truncated issue (don’t know why).  In the States, it was called Hot Ash and contained only eight tracks from the UK limited edition release, which contained twelve.

That album got me to pull out all of my Wishbone Ash albums, and listen to each one of them, most of which I love.  I have my favorites.  If you’re a Wishbone Ash fan, you have yours as well.

Wishbone Ash was one of those bands that had a large following, but never broke wide open.  They certainly were good enough for it.  They constantly reworked their sound from album to album in an effort to find the audience they coveted.  I’m pleased I was a fan from the beginning.

Since we’re here, let’s have us a poll for their “best” album.  I’m not too sure how may people will select one, but what the hell.  I’ve been surprised by greater things so an underattended Wishbone Ash poll won;t break my spirit.  HOWEVER…if you haven’t heard them or heard OF them, now is an awesome time to investigate.  Having released their first album, the self-titled Wishbone Ash debut in 1970, the band has gone through several personnel changes and have released many albums.

I miss the Mark I band the most.

My favorite Ash album?  Wishbone Four.  Why?  Because this album has everything in it.  Wishbone Ash never had such a varied album prior to it, nor after it.

Currently, there are two iterations of Wishbone Ash in existence, the Andy Powell led Wishbone Ash, and the Martin Turner formed Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash (MTWA).  Most importantly, the band left behind some excellent music.

Hoping for a BIG turn-out.